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9 Coastal Inspired Art Print Combinations For Your Beach House

Beach Style Coastal Living Decorating

9 Coastal Inspired Art Print Combinations For Your Beach House

You’ve picked out a couch, window coverings and area rug. Yet somehow, the space still doesn’t feel complete. You ask yourself what is missing? 

Art for your walls, of course! 

It can be a totally daunting task to pick out, coordinate and then finally frame a set of prints or paintings for your walls that completes your beach chic décor. There are so many factors to consider, including color, design and style. That’s why we’ve put together a few combinations of our absolute favorite art prints.

All of the below prints are located in our digital downloads section, print shop and Etsy store.

Nautical Watercolor Whales 

whale art print watercolors

Nothing says, “welcome to my beach home” more than this set of whale prints. They were all painted by hand and later digitized, creating a gorgeous effect. In addition to the two whale trio prints, humpback whale wall art and beluga print, we also offer more individual whales to compliment this collection.

Soft Mint + Peach Sea Creatures

mint and peach art print digital download ocean print

We are absolutely obsessed with this mint and peach combination! There’s just a nice simple, effortless feeling to this color pairing. The sea creatures in this grouping include a seahorse, sand dollars, starfish and some coral. This set is great for a nursery or any beach house looking for soft and simple art prints. 

Surf’s Up! 

surfboard prints beach house decor

Surfing is often such a core part of the beach lifestyle, so why not add a group of surfboards to your interior décor? Surfboard art prints are a great way to add a bit of beach style to your home without going too overboard (no pun intended…well, maybe a little!). Plus, we offer them in a variety of colors.

Aloha From the Beach

beach art print digital download coastal living decor

Channel your inner tropical paradise through this set of aloha inspired prints. It includes two mint prints – one palm tree and a pineapple – as well as a circle photography print of a tropical beach. The best part? The hand lettered “aloha” gold print. It really adds a touch of class to an already beautiful collection.

Tropical Art Pictures

tropical art prints

Taken from photos shot on Caribbean beaches, the shell, starfish and seahorse prints emulate a tropical coastal style with ease. They offer such a different take on traditional beach photography – merging the beautiful pictures themselves together with silhouettes of some sea animals. The circle photography print showcases moon jellyfish, which were photographed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California.

Neutral Ocean Prints

neutral wall art ocean prints

Have a light, airy beach or lake house décor that requires artwork that won’t overwhelm? Then these prints are for you. Offered in beige, gray and a watercolor gray texture, you can mix and match a variety of ocean themed images and animal prints. Here, we paired prints of waves, a starfish, shark and surfboard together to foster a beachy, yet laid back, vibe.

Coral Delight

coral ocean prints beach decor 

We don’t mean the color coral! This ever-popular design almost has a slight abstract feeling to it, making it a great choice for more modern beach or lake houses. It’s offered in a variety of colors, so you’ll be able to match it exactly to your home décor. 

Navy Blue + Mint Simplicity

navy blue and mint palm tree pineapple wall art prints

Navy blue is probably one of the most nautically inspired colors there is on the market. That’s why we paired a few navy blue prints together with some mint ones. They really channel that nautical ocean feeling perfectly! 

Hello, Summer 

hello summer typography print tropical decor

This black and white collection keeps things simple while still bringing beach and coastal style into your home. The rustic surfboard and fish print are simple enough to match many styles, while the palm photography print really brings in a tropical feeling. And, of course, the “Hello, Summer” print, which was hand lettered, let’s everyone know what’s your favorite season!

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