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Perfect Summer Cocktails Recipes to Drink on the Porch

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Perfect Summer Cocktails Recipes to Drink on the Porch

With the warm breezes blowing in from the ocean, summer nights are all about sipping something pretty on the porch. Making the most of the weather and your outdoor space means decorating your porch with fairy lights, citronella candles to keep the bugs away, wicker furnishings facing the view, and murmuring with friends late into the night. We have curated a list of the very best easy breezy summer cocktails to get you in the mood. Go out and pick berries, stir up your cocktail shaker, and get ready for long and lovely nights that last all summer.

A Dark and Stormy cocktail is the prefect summer drink

Dark and Stormy

Dark rum and ginger beer seem to be a match made in heaven; it’s a combination that warms you right down to your toes. The dark and stormy is a firm favorite for coastal nights, especially when you can hear the sea battering the boardwalk and the clouds are rolling in. Take a highball glass and fill with ice, pour a generous glug of dark or amber spiced rum, and squeeze a fresh lime to muddle. Top with fiery ginger beer and garnish with a lime wedge or two. Take to the porch, sit down and enjoy!

White Peach Margaritas

Peachy pale margaritas are the ultimate summer celebration, especially when served with a top notch tequila. For those who find the original margaritas a little salty on the side and a little sour on the bottom, you will be blown away by the wonder of a white peach margarita. Take two juicy white peaches fresh from the famers market and chop into small pieces. Throw into the blender along with tequila and triple sec. Add a drizzle of sweet honey and a squeeze of lemon and turn on. Pour into a glass of ice, add a sprig of mint and voila! This is the perfect sweet treat for watching the sunset light up the sky.

Mint juleps are a great cocktail for any occassion

Mint Julep

A classy and fresh concoction that leaves your tongue tingling, the mint julep is the perfect treat for a hot and sticky summers eve. Hailing from Kentucky, the mint julep plays the part of southern tradition and is often swilled and distilled on race day and served in silver julep cups. Make sure to chill your glass prior to pouring and then muddle a handful of fresh mint leaves into the bottom. Add a dash of sugar and use a spoon to mesh together. Next you want lashings of cracked ice, a generous pour of Kentucky’s best bourbon, a little more ice, and a few sprigs of mint to garnish. This drink is all about the mint so even if you want to use a straw, be sure to choose something short so you can inhale the glorious cool and minty aroma.

Blackberry Lime Fizz

Flirty, fun and full of lovely summer energy – the blackberry lime fizz is one of those delicious vibrant cocktails that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Start with 12 frozen blackberries and pop them in the cocktail shaker with a healthy squeeze of lime, some elderflower liquor and some freshly torn basil leaves. Muddle it all together, pour into a glass and top with either prosecco or sparkling pink champagne. The bright berry color and the gentle fizz is enough to send bubbles up your nose.

Not only is this an awesome drink for those sweet summer nights, but they are also bright and bubbly enough to become an afternoon tipple when you want to celebrate taking the rest of the day off.

Pimm’s Iced Tea

Nothing says summer quite like a jug of Pimm’s on the lawn. For those who have never stumbled across this quintessential British drink, Pimm’s is a beloved beverage with hints of gin and an aperitif flair. Many choose to drink Pimm’s mixed with lemonade for an after tennis drink, yet when created with iced tea, you suddenly have the perfect summers eve tipple.

Brew a special tea, perhaps an orange blossom tea for something fragrant or a simple black tea. Let cool and then pour into a jug with plenty of ice. Add around 3 ounces of Pimm’s, a slurp or two or agave nectar, a generous squeeze of lemon juice and muddle well. Finally adorn the jug with citrus slices, cucumber ribbons, and handfuls of fresh mint to bring color, texture and brighter notes of flavor. Pour yourself a long cool one in a glass with even more ice and stretch out on the lawn beneath the stars. Voila!

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