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The Vintage Inspired Gift Guide for Beach Lovers

Coastal Living Gifts

From collecting shells as children to buying beautiful driftwood pieces for our home as adults, the sea always seems to call. Beaches can make for incredible inspiration when looking for gifts for those you love; think pretty postcards, gleaming oysters, pearls from the deep, and nautical designs. These are gifts that bring a bounty of pleasure, that whisper of deep waters and sweeping sands, and that connect a home back to the calmness of the ocean.

Be inspired by these pretty as a pearl gifts for the beach lover in your life, including oyster shell mirror and hairbrush sets, antique compasses, old maps, wooden spice boxes, and copper lanterns.

Perfect Pearls

Pearls are the perfect gift; luminescent, delicate, and completely classy. From mother of pearl earrings to a simple string of pearls to wrap around your wrist, or a collection for your neck – pearls are a simple statement piece that are suited to any occasion.

The World Wide Web is bursting with beautiful pearl jewelry and platforms like Ebay promise vintage and antique pearls. If you want to make sure that the pearls, you are buying are the real deal then you can test the temperature. Real pearls are cool to the touch but warm against your skin quickly, fake pearls stay the same temperature. Real pearls are also rarely an exact round shape and won’t have a uniform color. Real pearls will sit heavier in the hand and have a myriad of colors contributing to their depth.

antique compass

Antique Compasses

Since we first set out to explore the world, compasses helped us to conquer the seven seas and seek lands far and wide. For any ocean lover, traveler, or adventurer at heart there can be no better gift than a beautiful compass. There are three different kinds of compass; from the magnetic to the gyro, and then the astrocompass that works with celestial bodies. The trick is finding something stunning and something truly authentic.

An antique is normally considered to be something made a hundred years or more ago, check your compass carefully for small prints stating reproductions or pertaining to be a copy. Pay close attention to the casing; mahogany was a popular material used for compasses along with soft to touch leather. For pocket compasses gold and silver was also a choice during the Victorian era.

Wooden Spice Box

From the heady shores of Istanbul to the markets of Morocco, the far flung exotica of India, and the Spice Route that ran the length of the world – there is something truly inspiring about the wooden spice box. There isn’t another item that seems so humble yet intricate. Wooden spice boxes come in many designs, they can be used for stashing spices, simply as decorative pieces, or even for organizing jewelry and other such things. You can find them in polished mahogany, crafted from tole with metal tins, inlaid with mother of pearl, and with individual drawers with polished ceramic handles.

Choosing the right spice box as a gift is simply about seeking something you fall in love with. Many people also choose to hang them in the kitchen and use them to store loose leaf tea. You can be sure that with a little searching you can find a spice box that whispers of foreign shores and long ocean expeditions.

copper lantern

Copper Lanterns

Reclaimed nautical lights and storm lanterns bring a wonderful feel to any home, especially when you hang them on the porch. Antique stores are brimming with old lanterns and those that come from the ships are often made of galvanized steel or shiny copper and are truly beautiful. There is something romantic about old copper lanterns, they capture the light brilliantly and bring a hint of nautical energy without being overwhelming.

You can also find copper lanterns online through EBay, make sure that you do your research properly and find something that is made from real solid copper that sings as opposed to cheap flimsy metals that bend.

old map

Old Maps

Old maps are definitely mystical and magical; they seem to capture the world before we had set foot so far. The painted lines, the cracked parchment paper, and the flowing fonts – it all comes together to create something that ensnares our imagination and sense of wanderlust. Buying old maps and framing them for a gift is a truly wonderful present. Not only do they look incredible on the wall, but they provide so much pleasure for visual discovery. You can find maps from every era and they aren’t as expensive as you first may think. Sixteenth century maps can be found for a hundred dollars or less.

Lots of factors decide the worth and costly weight of a map; many old maps are adorned beautifully with paintings, lots are lovingly hand crafted with every line drawn by a real person poring over a desk, and many are signature pieces of history. Buying an old map is an experience, one that captures the wonder of the world on your wall.


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