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10 Glorious Tips for Creating an Outdoor Living Space

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Come the rain or the sun, there is nothing quite like reveling in the bliss of a beautiful outdoor space. Curling up with a good book in the shade, clinking wineglasses over candlelit suppers, or even simply staring out at the blue ocean with a cup of coffee in hand – creating a lovely outdoor living space can complement them all. Whether you have a sweeping beach house that runs to the sands or a simple city dwelling– bringing that indoor vibe spilling over into the great outdoors can truly blur the lines in the most wonderful way.

Take a look at these 10 glorious tips for crafting your own inspired outdoor living space.

adirondack chairs facing the ocean

Complement the View

If you are fortunate enough to live in sight of the sea, then this a view that needs framing. Building beautiful spaces that naturally frame is a must to really make the most of your outdoor space. From porch swings placed at the bottom of the garden, to raised dining spaces or wicker chairs facing the waves – place your furniture so you can watch the tide. Keep a clear horizon by pruning branches, because truly…nothing should obstruct nature’s mightiest gift.

Be Seasonally Inspired

Winters whisper of open fireplaces, cozy snow colored throws and twinkling fairy lights. Summers speak of al fresco dining, flowers in bloom, and bright colored birds. Autumns are crisp with hints of copper, and springs are abundant with greenery and buzzing life. Bringing seasonal inspiration to your outdoor space through natural touches, lighting, throws and ornamental pleasures creates a stunning portrait that beautifully fits the natural changing colors of the seasons and provides constant refreshment for your space.

table overlooking the ocean

Create Different Platforms

Making the most of your outdoor space means having a place for every mood. From barbecues to barefoot dining on the patio, cozy corners to read in, social spaces for sipping wine, and grassy patches for the kids to play; a great outdoor space has no limitations. Your garden should invite you to live out your whole world, inspired by different spaces and pretty platforms. Consider having a space dedicated to social events along with a more intimate nook with a bistro table for two.

pergola overlooking the ocean

Think Social

Coastal summer living is all about social soirees and long delicious dinners on the deck. Creating an al fresco space is an absolute must. This will be a place for lazy Sunday brunches and seafood themed suppers. Opt for a larger bench style table placed under a pergola for something rustic or go for vintage French furnishings on the patio. Whatever style you choose you should think fresh with a dash of practicality, such as ensuring you have plenty of space for all. Don’t forget about providing shade for your dining space with a retractable roof or gazebo.

Add a Dash of Color

If you live beside the ocean, then you can let the natural blues of the water do the talking. Outdoor spaces are sometimes best kept neutral in their earthy tones, letting the greens of nature fill in the gaps. For something elegant and refined think clotted creams and silky beiges. Bring in a dash of color through potted plants, hanging baskets, or colorful cushions and throws.

Let Nature in

Remember you are creating an outdoor paradise and nature is going to do some of the work for you. When the trees are in bloom, the grass is growing, and the natural sunlight pouring down you already have your Eden. Use small features like a curved path leading through the trees to a secret reading spot, bird feeders, or even a trickling fountain to bring the elements of Mother Nature to life.

Luscious Lighting

Spring and summer nights are soft and balmy; calling you to sit a while upon the porch. For late nights on the lawn, sipping scotch with friends, or just some quiet time when the sun sinks low – this calls for brilliantly designed lighting. From stringing up twinkling fairy lights from tree to tree to spotlights illuminating the winding path, patio lamps, lanterns and even underwater spotlights for those with swimming pools – the options are endless when calling for a little light.

Sweet Shady Spots

When the summer sun beats down you want to escape to a breezy retreat without being confined indoors. A glorious outdoor space will have at least one place to sit in the shadows and sip something cool. If you have a deck think about bringing an awning into play or select a beautiful arbor draped in greenery. Those wishing to go au natural can even plant vines around a trellis. Another idea is a leafy tree strategically planted to provide respite from the glare of the sun.

Let the Space Evolve

Nature and beautiful spaces take time, don’t be in too much of a rush to plan everything out perfectly. Your tastes and needs evolve and your outdoor space will grow and change and take shape alongside you. Today you may want a manicured rose garden but tomorrow you may long for something wild and unkempt. Plan out your space so that it has room to grow and evolve with you. Don’t be afraid to let nature take its course.

Perfect Practicality

On a final note when laying out your ideal outdoor space you also need to add a flourish of practicality. Whilst soft furnishings can be wonderful they don’t always do well when the weather turns. Bamboo, wood and wicker can be great materials that can truly take a beating. Cushions and throws should be removable and stashed inside a storage room or shed when those ocean storms roll in. Think about the practicality of sunlight and shade, of wind direction and privacy. All these things come into play when nurturing a natural space you are sure to love.

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