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Beach House Renovations Worth The Cost

Beach Style Coastal Living Decorating

Whether it’s a beach, bay, lake, or river, there’s something calming about the presence of the water that helps us slow our pace. For many, owning a house near the water is a dream come true: you now own a slice of paradise, a cozy space, your own personal sanctuary.

As it is with owning any kind of property, you want to ensure that all systems (roofing, plumbing, electrical) are in good working order; otherwise, your private haven will turn into a recurring headache. You also need to support and maintain the relaxing atmosphere of your beach house, which may lead you to consider various upgrades and renovations. After all, whether you've chosen to make this property a vacation home or your permanent residence, it should provide you a place to get away from the stress of everyday life.

Keep in mind that it’s in the best interest of your real estate investment to consider replacements and remodels that are worth the cost. Before you hire a contractor or head out to the home improvement store, ask yourself:

  • Is the house in good shape?
  • What is in need of repair or updates?
  • If I were a guest in this home, what would I enjoy?
  • If I were renting a house on the beach/at the lake, what kinds of amenities would I look forward to?

While you ponder these questions, we offer some suggestions for the best general upgrades you could make specifically with a beach house or lakefront home in mind.

beach house flooring with view over ocean


It might not be the most fun or the most glamorous upgrade, but beach house living means there’s a good chance that sand and water will be part of your lifestyle. While laminate is a popular, cost-effective flooring option, it’s not water-resistant, and wall-to-wall carpeting fell out of vogue some time ago. Your safest investment is hardwood flooring, with budget-friendly vinyl flooring as an alternative option.


Outdoor areas

Most people expect a lake or beach house to have a killer place for open-air entertaining, so evaluate yours. If your wooden deck is in bad shape, consider replacing it with a new deck constructed of high-quality and lower maintenance materials. You may not have a porch or patio right now, but do you have a lot large enough to build one while still having a yard? Perhaps you have a deck or patio but find that you don’t use it very often so you don’t see the point in upgrading it. If this is the case, you have options, which are glorious things to have when it comes to owning property! You might consider installing a retractable awning over your deck or raised patio, which ultimately allows you the chance to enjoy the outdoors even more by providing sun and rain protection, or you could entertain the idea of reinventing the unused space into a more usable, three-season-friendly screened porch. 



outdoor shower at the beach

Spa-like amenities

In order to feel like you’re on vacation every day, even in your daily domicile, add spa-like elements to your property. From outdoor showers (perfect for rinsing off sand) to a covered hot tub with a good filtration system, your home can become your haven. If you’d prefer an indoor spa, look no further than your bathroom. Features such as rain showers, soaking tubs, and baths with built-in benches are super upgrades that you will use now and that potential buyers will enjoy in the future.



tiki torches on the beach

Landscape lighting

Go beyond tiki torches and think about installing landscape lighting, which provides additional safety and ambience to your nautical nights. Deck lights, post cap lights, and path lights are ideal and relatively inexpensive. A bonus that provides safety and ambience. LED landscape lighting is easy to maintain as well as energy efficient.


Heating and cooling

Unless you live in a tropical locale, you are likely to experience autumn’s cooler breezes and winter’s frosty chills. Evaluate your current heating and cooling systems and see if installing central air is a possibility for your home’s structure.


Power generator

It may seem like a smart investment to purchase a backup generator, but if your area rarely experiences power outages, it would be wiser to spend your money on other necessary upgrades. On the other hand, you might be the homeowner that has to keep a close eye on hurricanes and tropical storms (or tornadoes), and in that case, a power generator would be a practical buy.

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