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Creating a Beach Bathroom

Beach Style Decorating

Creating a Beach Bathroom

Since you’re going to spend at least two years of your life in the bathroom (according to this survey), you might as well make it a place you’re going to enjoy! Considering that the beach vacations are among the most popular vacation destinations, it’s no wonder that people choose coastal bathroom décor to turn their bathrooms into spa-like personal retreats.

This isn’t just some of-the-moment trend: creating a beach themed bathroom is a classic design mainstay. Whether your idea of the beach includes the tropics and palm trees aplenty or involves something more nautical, your beach bathroom décor can — and should — reflect your own idea of seashore relaxation (read: avoid pre-made decorative kits!).

Scroll down for some beach bathroom ideas and steps on how to create your own coastal bathroom retreat.

Step 1: Determine your direction

When you think beach, do you think of the Carolina coast, the Hamptons, or Hawaii? Do you conjure images of stripes and seafood or Tiki torches and fruity frozen mixed drinks? Take a moment to close your eyes and really picture what the beach signifies to you. Perhaps you imagine a simple portrait of the sand and the waves. Whatever you see, use that image to create a direction and color palette for your bathroom.

Some color combinations that can work for a variety of coastal bathrooms:

  • Nautical: navy and white with gold accents
  • Tropical: mint and coral with natural accents
  • Sandy shore: beige and aqua with white or natural accents
  • Coastal cottage: sky blue and white with brushed nickel or shabby chic accents

You can achieve your palette in a variety of ways depending on what your schedule and budget allows. The easiest way to begin starts with painting the walls and switching out your current shower curtain and set of towels for those that correspond with your chosen colors.

If you have more time and money to dedicate to your bathroom makeover, consider textures and finishes that go along with your idea of a coastal bathroom. For example, if you’re going for a coastal cottage look, consider installing white bead board. Add glass cabinet pulls on the drawers, ocean-colored glass tiles, pebble flooring, rain shower heads or grass cloth — all of these can enhance the beachy and spa-like feeling in your space.

starfish towel

Step 2: Inject your personality

Now that you have a direction and a palette, it’s time to consider some personal items from your beach experiences. Do you have a collection of shells or rocks gathered from various trips to the shore? You can display these in shadow boxes or in glass jars or vases on a shelf.

Maybe you have some postcards from your trip or took some great photos of the sunset on your last vacation—frame ‘em and display ‘em! Rummage through your souvenirs and belongings. Whether you have a set of shot glasses from a cruise, a bathing suit you wore on your honeymoon, or a picture of something hilarious that happened at the beach that makes you smile every time you see it, use these items as décor.

towels in beach basket

Step 3: Smooth Sailin’, Happy Cruisin’

The last step? The finishing touches, of course!

All baths that inspire a spa-like feeling include candlelight, so pop a few pillar candles into jars filled with sand and shells to create the ultimate tag team of light and beach. Pick up a few baskets in natural woven materials to hold towels and washcloths.

Hang a few simple pieces of artwork, like this ocean wave print or abstract in mint and coral, and you’re ready to enjoy your new happy place.

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