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Using Slate Coasters As DIY Chalkboards

Using Slate Coasters As DIY Chalkboards


A few months back, we received a review for our slate stone coaster set on Amazon. The customer, Robert, praised the product, but also noted that his daughter actually left him a small surprise on his new coaster set – some of her artwork. She had chalk crayons and decided to turn the coasters into her own little canvases. That really grabbed our attention.

Before this review, we hadn’t really considered using those coasters to write names or create small pieces of art. But it totally makes sense. The slate coasters are basically little chalkboards to begin with, so why not write on them?

The best part about all of this is that slate chalkboards are totally reusable. Simply wipe clean after use and you can rewrite something new on them at your next party or get together with friends.

We’re so excited about this idea that we plan on including chalk with our next run of the slate coasters! So, in preparation, here are a few simple ideas that can turn any slate coaster (or slate item for that matter) into reusable mini chalkboards:

Write Names to Keep Track of Drinks at Parties

slate coasters used a chalkboard

Whenever you have guests over, it can be difficult for everyone to keep track of their drinks – especially when they are all using the same style of glasses! If people are sitting down around a table, bust out the slate coasters and write names on them to keep track of drinks.

It’s such an easy and inexpensive way to make sure that you’re sipping out of your cup without damaging the glass from those metal wine charms.

Use as Place Cards

slate coasters a chalkboard place card

When setting a table for a formal affair, set a slate coaster at each place setting and write the person’s name on the coaster. Not only is it useful to have the coaster already at their place setting, it shows them where their designated seat is for the party.

Turn it Into Your Own Work of Art 

Inspired by the customer who initially wrote that review, turn each coaster into a mini work of art! The sky is the limit with your designs and style.

This is a great way to have fun with your friends. Give each person his or her own coaster and see who comes up with the most creative design. 

Place in Front of Dishes to Let Guests Know What’s Being Served

Have a bunch of dishes out at a party? You can prop up one of the square coasters and write the name of the dish right on the coaster! That way your guests will always know what’s in the dish or pan. This is also a great idea if you need to designate any foods as allergen or gluten free.

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