our story

Hi! I’m Emily – the founder and designer behind Jetty Home. I started Jetty Home back in 2014 from my small beachside apartment in the amazing town of Long Beach, New York. What began with me simply scribbling ideas and designs in a sketchbook developed into a wonderful opportunity to share my visions with the world. And I couldn’t be more excited about the work I get to create!

The peace and natural beauty that came with living by the ocean was always one of my biggest inspirations. I try to evoke the feeling that the beach and ocean still gives me – a sense of relaxation, calmness, happiness, and simplicity – in all of my art.

From the time I was young, I would spend hours and hours drawing and creating my own world through my artwork. More recently, life has taken me to sunny Southern California. Whether it’s weekends in Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea or summers exploring the Santa Barbara coastline, I can say with certainty that California has won my heart and has provided me a genuine muse for my art.

Currently, I’ve also drawn a huge amount of subject matter, composition, and color palette inspiration from different locations throughout the world. I LOVE to travel and, even more, love to share my feelings about a place through painting and drawing. My collections largely focus on a single location – sometimes a specific city or, other times, a region. 

The beginning to a new collection always starts with color palette selection. I like to pull together colors that resonate with me and feel like they properly represent the overall sentiment of that locale from my perspective. From there, I create imagery that represents the chosen location – through relaxing landscapes, impressionist inspired abstract paintings, modern illustrations and patterns using dots, lines and other illustrative markings. These are inspired by patterns found in the natural world or something that I am reminded of from my travels.

I enjoy exploring many artistic styles and love how Jetty Home represents them all. I don’t like to get myself stuck in one style too much. For me, art is all about exploring the billion ideas I have in my head.

Interested in my process? Check out the Jetty Home Instagram. I like to post tons of in-studio photos and plenty of new work there.

So, what exactly does Jetty Home mean to me? I believe in the beauty and serenity of nature – and that’s reflected in everything I do. I think that everyone should be able to enjoy all the inspiration that nature – and the world in general – has to offer in their home.

Want to get more information about licensing my work? Contact my agent, MHS Licensing.