About Us – Jetty Home
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It’s plain and simple – we began out of a love for the beach and everything coastal. At Jetty Home, we bring the comfort of the beach right to your home decor. We want you to be immersed into a truly coastal lifestyle – regardless of whether you live on the beach or not. That’s why all of our wall art prints and rustic gifts are geared for the beach bum in you. 

So come join us today and get away from all your worries – even for only a little while.

Our Story

The peace and sense of community that comes with beach living is the biggest inspiration for our company. Jetty Home creator Emily Wood saw a need to bring this together into range of amazing art prints and gift items.

What began in Emily’s small beachside apartment in Long Beach, New York in 2014 has now grown by leaps and bounds – epitomizing that friendly seaside attitude in a product line of home art prints and small gift items. And, so far, the response has been beyond amazing. We’re now based on the sunny shores of Southern California, but that doesn’t mean that our focus has changed!

Emily focuses her art on simple, yet classic, hand painted watercolor and acrylic designs infused with a sense of seaside chic. Her painterly style lends itself well to print reproductions, as strong brushstrokes and pronounced colors are evident in many of her pieces. Recently, Emily has added some new hand lettering techniques to her artwork – making a collection of typography prints that will bring a little whimsy to any gallery wall.

So, what exactly does Jetty Home stand for? We believe in the beauty and serenity of the beach. And that’s reflected in everything we do – from prints to packaging and customer service. We think that everyone – whether you are in Hermosa Beach, a lake in Minnesota, the Gulf Coast, Montauk or anywhere in between – should be able to enjoy a uniquely nautical or beach home style. Sand not included.