April Freebie and New Collection: Cool Coastal Vibes with Amagansett Blues

Wow, it’s has been quite a month.  It feels like the world has done a complete 180 in the last few weeks. As such, I hope that this finds you and your family safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

With so much uncertainly and upheaval from normalcy, I went back and forth about whether I wanted to put my freebie on hold for a couple of months or release it like normal. Ultimately, I decided that it was better to offer something beautiful (and free!) to the world. Personally, I’m trying my best to maintain routines and this monthly download is definitely part of that for me!

I pulled this freebie from my new, Amagansett Blues, collection. This piece is probably my absolute favorite painting of the entire collection. There is just something about its simple whimsy that catches my eye! Originally inspired by the movement of waves and the ocean, it’s a great way to bring a little bit of the coast to your life (especially since many of us can’t visit the beach right now)!

I’ll keep this one short and sweet! Hope this download brings lots of joy and good vibes to your devices this month! Download for your phonetablet or desktop and enjoy! (Click on the words phone, tablet or desktop to open the file in a new window)

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