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August Freebie: Blush + Indigo Abstract Relax Wallpaper


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been (surprisingly) super focused on work so far this summer. There is something about the warm weather this year that put me into a constant flow of painting for about three weeks straight. I have to admit, it was pretty magical!

Before that recent burst of creativity, I had finished a collection of abstract navy blue/indigo watercolors that I absolutely and totally fell in love with. When I started painting again after a brief hiatus for vacation in June, I knew I had to do something similar to that previous set of paintings. I’ve been super drawn to blush and indigo as a color combination lately. And, there, a new idea was born!

August’s freebie comes as a preview to this new blush and indigo abstract watercolor collection. I find that August can sometimes be a bit of a stressful month – the summer is winding down and things are kicking back into full gear. I decided to add a bit of text – the word “relax” – to remind all of us to take a breather each and every day. I hope this wallpaper brings a bit of serenity to your everyday craziness!

Download for your phone, tablet, or computer and enjoy! 

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  • Emily Wood on

    @Christy my absolute pleasure! I am SO happy you love this freebie! Stay tuned for the full collection — I am head over heels in love with these colors right now, too! :)

  • Christy on

    thank you Emily—this is BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE the pink/blush with the navy—I am feeling your vibe!!
    Happy summer! !

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