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August Freebie & New Collection: Chill out with Coastal Views


Over the last few months, I’ve put out collections that spanned many styles – from farmhouse and bohemian to lake and wildflowers. But my bread and butter has always been beach inspired artwork (hence the name Jetty Home!). I knew I had to get back to my roots this month with a nice coastal collection. Though my style has definitely evolved within the last few years, there is always something relaxing about coming back to a familiar theme. And coastal always has a soft spot in my heart!

My newest collection, Coastal Views, officially launches today (yay!). Even though it’s one of the smaller collections I’ve put out recently, it’s also one that I am beyond excited to share. Something about its simple coastline illustrations, muted gray and blue tones, and overall ease and flow really hits a chord with me. I’m excited to continue to explore this style and vibe in future work!

That’s where the freebie for this month comes in. I pulled one of my aerial ocean inspired wave paintings from Coastal Views and turned it into a pretty wallpaper download. I hope this painting brings a little something extra special to your devices this month!

Download for your phonetablet or desktop and enjoy! (Click on the words phone, tablet or desktop to open the file in a new window)

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