Creating a Collection of Tribal and Boho Art Prints

watercolor tribal arrows with gold

The landscape of Southern California never ceases to amaze me. There’s something extra special about the moment when you cross over from the coast and begin to hit the valleys and desert. From the muted color palette to rolling mountains, there’s just so much to be inspired by – it’s almost mystical. I guess that’s why you always see television shows and movies about people going out to the desert to find their true self. There may be some truth in that!

That unique landscape is what has inspired my newest collection of tribal, western and bohemian themed art prints. While I always love working with a neutrally muted color palette, I added some pops of bright pinks and purples – colors that can be found even in a place as seemingly desolate as a desert.

pink watercolor washes

For this group of boho art prints I started by selecting some quotes that really spoke to me. You’ll be able to see prints featuring quotes like “breathe the wild air” and “have courage.” I also experimented with some new watercolor washes and – I have to admit – I think I’m absolutely in love with them! You’ll see two of my favorites featured as the background on all of the boho prints.

feather wall art

All of the individual elements, like dreamcatchers, feathers, skulls and flowers, were painted by hand. For this group, I decided to use Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus Watercolor set. There’s something so fluid about this watercolor set that really added a nice touch to the pieces.

watercolor teepee

Most of my work is created by hand, later scanned in and digitized via Photoshop. In my experience, that gives my work the most authentic reproductions. That way, when you order an art print or get a printable printed at a local shop it looks like I painted your picture just for you.

Check out the full collection of tribal and boho art prints! They are so perfect for any home, dorm or nursery décor.


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