May Freebie and New Collection: Neutral & Serene with Lake Escape

I don’t know about you, but I would love nothing more than to spend a day at a beach or on a lake right about now. With everything going on in the world, it would be SO nice to sit back, unplug, and take in a deep breath while digging my toes into the sand or clay. Soon enough, right?

I introduced a new collection, Lake Escape, late last week. It’s kind of funny because I initially created most of this work in February before all of the craziness began. I guess subconsciously I knew I’d need a body of work for May that was clean, simple, and overall relaxing. There’s something about these paintings and drawings that makes me feel the calm instantly run all over my body when I look at them. Yay for the little things! :)

That’s where this month’s freebie download comes in. I pulled one of my minimalist mixed media landscape inspired paintings and created a nice and simple background for all of your devices. It’s something clean and easy to look at – such a nice thing to have during such an overwhelming time. I hope this download brings lots of peace and serenity to your every day.

Download for your phonetablet or desktop and enjoy! (Click on the words phone, tablet or desktop to open the file in a new window)

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