May Freebie: Mint and Blue Seaside Mussel Wallpaper

May is here! May is here! Sorry, it can be hard for me to contain my excitement for this month. That may be partly due to the fact that my birthday is in the middle of May. But, regardless, May has always been such a magical time of year for me. Spring is out in full force and summer is just around the corner. Which, obviously, means it’s time to hit the beach – or at least spend more time on the coast to escape the brutal heat of summer.

A few months ago, I got some inspiration to do a nice light and airy collection a la a little coastal cottage. Something chic, simple and on trend with mints and blues.

That’s where this month’s freebie wallpaper comes in. I, personally, wanted something pretty and fresh for my phone this month. So I pulled a pattern from my seaside cottage collection and am offering it totally free as a wallpaper! If you like this design, be sure to check out others like it that are currently being offered as wall art.


Download for your phone, tablet, or computer and enjoy! 

Phone Download

Tablet + Desktop Download

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