New Collection AND August Freebie: Nantucket Winds is Here!

Is it just me, or is this summer totally flying by wayyyyy too quickly? I feel like I say that each and every year. Even so, somehow we have already reached August!

I took a little time to regroup during the Fourth of July holiday here and prepare for some new things I was working on, as well as a move to a new home I’m making this week. After taking a few weeks away from the studio and computer I was totally itching to get back to work. Funny how things work like that!

A while back I began some new work that’s a modern take on traditional nautical style, which I named “Nantucket Winds” since it was based on the picturesque Massachusetts locale. I feel like I always say this, but I am so beyond satisfied with the way all of these paintings and designs turned out. This is hands-down my favorite collection I’ve completed to date! This collection is a mix of ocean inspired abstract watercolors, explorations on line work and classic nautical-themed icons like anchors, lobsters and lighthouses. I literally may cover my new house in all of these!

When it came to deciding what this month’s freebie would be I knew immediately it had to be one of the pretty abstracts from Nantucket Winds. I took my favorite watercolor, which was combined with expressive line work, and turned it into gorgeous wallpaper for you to enjoy. I hope you love it!

Download for your phonetablet or desktop and enjoy! (Click on the words phone, tablet or desktop to open the file in a new window)

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