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New Collection: Autumn is Here with New Fall Designs!

Art in Progress

I literally cannot tell you guys how excited I am about my newest collection of autumn inspired designs. I originally painted and designed most of this in late April (yup – things sometimes need to be done that far in advance, especially for licensing). But I revisited the designs to prep them for sale a few weeks ago -- and I fell in love with them over and over…. and over again!

For the past few years, I’ve done a few new autumn designs here and there. Though nothing was super concrete or put-together in a nice collection. It was kind of just a few one off pieces here and there. To say the least, I wasn’t super stoked about any of those prints when I was looking at them for autumn 2018.

So when it came time to work on a new collection, I wanted to keep things in line with the current style of my work. That meant pretty, pretty watercolors alongside clean and simple design. And, obviously, gorgeous typography!

I was a bit over the literal 100% leaf-focused type of fall décor and wanted to do something subtler and a little prettier. My painting mainly focused on bold and bright watercolor leaves and autumnal flowers, which I think lends itself nicely to the warmness that autumn seemingly represents!

I hope that these pretty autumn prints bring a little happiness to an already delightful season. Enjoy!

Find the full collection here.

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