New Collection: Jump Into Dreamland with Blush and Indigo Abstracts

I talked about my recent love for everything and anything indigo in my last post about my Mediterranean inspired collection. I’ve recently finished up another set of pieces highlighting my new favorite hue in the last few months and felt like my work with indigo *just* wasn’t done yet!

While I am largely not an abstract painter, I’ve been drawn closer and closer to exploring the world of abstract art lately and thought a new collection would be the perfect opportunity to showcase my growing skill set. There is something so freeing about abstract design. It’s nice not having to worry about whether or not something looks enough like a particular flower or animal. It’s such a natural and liberating way to paint!

For this new collection, I was super drawn to the combination of blush, indigo, slate and gold hues. There is just something so classic and finished, yet fun and exciting, about that color combination. I explored a variety of shapes in the various pieces – including hexagons and triangles – as well as abstract seascapes and landscapes. I have to admit, I’m beyond happy with the way these pieces turned out!

Do you like this new style? If so, shoot me a message at and let me know! I’d love to gauge whether or not I should continue to create new and exciting work in this direction.

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