New Collection: Mystical Wonderland in the Ethereal Forest

Since I began selling my artwork in late 2014, I’ve experimented with dozens upon dozens of styles and techniques with my work. While I used to gravitate solely towards very painterly oil and acrylic paintings, I also began exploring other mediums – like watercolors, pencil, inks and markers.

Over the past year or two I felt like I was jumping around style-wise a bit too much. So, late last year, I took a long, hard look at the work I currently have for sale. I saw themes in what spoke to me the most – beautiful abstract paintings and line drawings. As I was in the midst of creating new work for Surtex (a big licensing show), I knew that I had to begin to only produce work that resonated with me beyond a doubt. That’s where this collection of ethereal forest pieces comes in.

I’ve always like the light, airy nature of watercolors as a medium, but never quite got them to the point of what exactly what I wanted them to look like. Finally, last month, I seemed to be able to break the code and get my work to where I wanted it to be. And it was beyond exhilarating!

For this collection, I layered lots of hand-painted watercolor shapes onto each other and used other watercolor painted elements – like soft leaves and woodland animals – to get the final look I was going for. Combined with some line-drawings that range from expressive and fresh to very detailed, I came out with a finished product that I am truly proud of.

I look forward to continue producing work in a similar style to this one – layered, airy watercolors and pretty line drawings that pull the entire piece together. My hope is that this work resonates as much with you as it does for me!

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