New Collection: Nordic Lodge Art Brings Minimalist Style to Your Décor

Much of my work focuses on beach, coastal and lake themes, but, lately, I’ve been a bit more drawn to cozy themes. Maybe it’s the cooler fall weather or the large amount of autumnal themed comfort imagery everywhere, but I’m super into it. That’s where my newest collection of art comes in – what I call my Nordic Lodge work.

So it’s kind of a funny feeling here – this is the first collection I’ve released in about a month. In my world, that’s a super long time to go without new work! The reason it’s been a little while is because I really took my time with these designs. I spent quite a bit of time planning what I wanted this group to look like. And there is absolutely nothing is wrong with that – I think it makes this collection even more special!

I probably painted dozens upon dozens of birch trees, antlers and pine trees to come up with the final designs for this set. Using a new approach I’m exploring – which combines watercolor painting with detailed inking – the final product is something that I’m super duper proud of. I wanted to approach this collection with a better sense of the minimalist and abstract design aesthetic that seems very prevalent in Nordic and Scandinavian themed artwork lately.

I think I may continue exploring this style in future collections. So stay tuned for more work similar to these pretty prints! Enjoy!

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