New Collection: Palm Beach Regency Meets Coastal Chic

Lately, I’ve been painting a large majority of my work in watercolors. While watercolors are so amazing and create some pretty cool effects, I was definitely missing my acrylics. I just knew that I had to do a new collection of paintings that were only in acrylics. And that was the beginning of my inspiration for my newest collection of what I like to call “Palm Beach Chic” bright tropical paintings.

There’s something about seashells that completely enamors me. I could literally stare at them for hours and hours. I’ve wanted to do a set of paintings for a while now that really looks at a few different types of seashells in a fun, unique way. For this collection, I focused on mussel, conch and oyster shells as primary image in several pieces. Each shell highlights a bright Palm Beach inspired tropical color, including sherbet, pink and turquoise.

To complement the shell paintings, I added a few aerial seascape abstract paintings. I’ve wanted to do something like this forever and ever. These pieces are a little more conceptual and modern in aesthetic. To “ground” a few of them, I added some umbrellas on the sand – making them so beyond cute!

While coastal and beach themed paintings are my bread and butter, there is something really special about this new coastal painting collection for me. I hope you love these as much as I’ve loved creating them!

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