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New Collection: Summer Vibes Are Here With Watermelon Designs

Art in Progress Summer

When I was little, summer really meant two things – excessive amounts of time spent at the beach and eating a ridiculous amount of watermelon. There is something about the taste of watermelon that can instantly transport me to a nice, hot, and sunny July day like nothing else.

Last month, I was trying to brainstorm ideas for summer inspired prints that were simple, yet fun, and would evoke that same feeling. And there it was – watermelon. I immediately knew I had to work on some pretty, light, and fun watermelon designs as soon as possible.

Usually, when I plan out a new collection, I either have a complete plan of what each image will look like or, sometimes, just a general idea of layout and design. Not with these watermelons. I kind of went into it just setting up my watercolors and painting a bunch of watermelon slices in a whole lot of different shapes and sizes. Much to my surprise, once I started painting watermelons, I could not stop! So many ideas for how to make them into full pieces came into my head – it was like these watermelon prints were totally meant to be.

I kept all of the designs super light and free. While I could have painted absolutely perfect melon slices, I like the imperfection of the pieces in this collection. There is something so free and fun (and summer-like!) about these little paintings.

This summer, I hope this new watermelon inspired collection brings a bit of fun and quirkiness into your home décor!

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