New Collection: The Stars Align With New Zodiac Designs

First off, can I just say how absolutely excited I am to be offering new work again!? The last time I posted any of my new pieces was in October. Suffice to say it has most certainly been too long!

The late fall and early winter brought a whole bunch of (good) craziness with the holiday rush and preparing for some big trade and licensing shows. All of that died down in late January and finally gave me a chance to go over the work I’ve produced over the past few months. One of my favorite collections that I did was a group of deep, dark watercolor paintings featuring hand-drawn zodiac artwork.

I’ve always read horoscopes but recently got a bit more into it (even figuring out my rising and moon signs!). That’s where the inspiration for this set of paintings came from. I LOVE the abstract feel of the night sky backgrounds combined with the pretty lettering for each astrological sign. These seriously take me into another world!

I hope that this new collection of astrological zodiac prints brings tons of love, joy and peace into your home. Enjoy!

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