Original Watercolor Paintings Are Here!

Over the past several months, I’ve been toying with the ideas of offering up some of the original paintings of my super popular blush geometric abstract pieces, jellyfish designs, and indigo abstracts. Honestly, I was so back and forth about selling off the originals. This is totally new territory for me, so, obviously, I was a little scared and unsure of how to approach this project!

Once I took a step back, I realized that offering originals is a great way to share my love for painting, watercolors, and art at a completely new level. While the sizes on many of these are under 9”x12”, I think the textures and color depth will really resonate with some of you. The first set of originals I’ve added to my store include bright yellows, rich blues and even a little hint of blush metallic! Though my high-resolution scans and subsequent prints are beautiful, there is truly nothing quite like the real thing.

My hope is that these paintings bring a touch of color and style to your walls!

I’d love to ask – should I keep adding more originals? I’m leaning towards doing a set of larger pieces next. Let me know if this is something you’d like to see by shooting me a message at Emily@jettyhome.com!


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