Eucalyptus & Cotton Bring Chic Style to Farmhouse Decor

One of the biggest trends I’ve seen lately is the appetite for farmhouse chic home and wall décor. While this isn’t in my usual repertoire of themes (if you can’t tell, I tend to LOVE everything coastal and tropical!), I knew I had to put together a beautiful collection of prints while staying true to my own style.

Lately, I’ve been incredibly drawn to the minimalistic feel that a lot of home décor is moving towards these days. While I love a good texture and some bright colors, I’m definitely feeling this trend back to simplicity. With this farmhouse collection, I wanted to capture that feeling of warmth, home, and easiness.

I started by figuring out the individual elements I’d need to complete this collection. After some research, I was absolutely positive that I wanted these prints to emulate a light, airy, and farm fresh feeling. As such, I thought focusing on eucalyptus branches, cotton stalks, and milk jugs would be the perfect way to showcase farmhouse chic without going overboard.

The final collection of work features a combination of beautiful hand-lettered phrases and words, simple watercolor paintings, and overall chic-ness. I hope you enjoy having these prints in your home as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

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