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New Collection: Beach Chic Decorating with Abstract Indigo Watercolors

Art in Progress Coastal Living Decorating Summer

Much of my latest work has been theme-focused, whether that be llamas, coastal cottage or seashells. But I recently had this hankering to circle back and begin exploring abstract designs again – something I haven’t really done fully since college! Though I had this idea for a few months, it took a bit of time to develop into a comprehensive vision for a new collection.

I, obviously, love the ocean (hence the name Jetty and focus on beach inspired art!). So I knew that I had to do some ocean-inspired abstracts. There is something so intangible and mysterious about the patterns and designs that can be seen in seawater and waves.

Indigo has always been one of my go-to colors to work with. That made it easy to put all of my focus on creating a set of free-flowing watercolors that emulated the ocean’s movement without being too literal. This method of painting – without looking at reference pictures or models to get the positioning just right – is so incredibly exhilarating and freeing. Watch out – I may want to do this for every collection now!

Once all of the watercolor paintings were set I decided that I needed some quotes and word art to round out the collection. I included phrases like “the ocean has my heart” and “live like a local” in variations of indigo blue and white. These classic, clean and simple designs are such an easy way to add beach-chic style to any gallery wall or home décor.

This collection may be my most favorite one that I have completed thus far. Be sure to check out both the digital downloads and physical prints available in these gorgeous designs!

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