New Collection: Flamingos and Palm Trees, Oh My!

In the middle of January, I decided that I needed to get back to my roots of tropical and coastal artwork after a string of beautiful, but decidedly non-beachy themes like kitchen garden, farmhouse chic, and agate. I was toying with ideas from beach cruisers (yes, a full line of prints based on my fav bicycle ever!) to abstract floral and literally everything in between.

Finally, one day, it came to me. I needed something super bright and fun to kick start designing for the New Year. And a collection of flamingo and palm watercolors would do just the trick. I played with a lot of different concepts and ideas, but, ultimately, felt a bit stuck. Thankfully, I knew exactly the trick to breath inspiration back into my work – a trip to the LA Zoo to visit my beautiful pink friends.

I sat there and watched these magnificent birds poke around their enclosure for a long, long time. And took SOOO many pictures in the process:

That was just what I needed to get inspired to work! From there, I created dozens of watercolor paintings of bright pink (and soft pink) flamingos. In the end, this collection gives me a warm feeling of being something tropical with a hint of Palm Beach style. I hope these designs brighten up your home, office, or nursery with blush pinks and vibrant greens!

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