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New Collection: Modern Style for Any Farmhouse

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Farmhouse style to absolutely EVERYWHERE right now. Regardless of what home décor store I go into it seems like people just can’t get enough of modern farmhouse flair. And completely understandably so – there is something so comforting about the simple color palettes and familiar iconography incorporated into many of these designs.

With that in mind, I decided to work on another farmhouse inspired collection earlier this month. I knew I wanted to keep it clean and simple – similar to the style Joanna Gaines uses in so many of her interior designs.

My first goal was to create a whole bunch of patterns that really capture that new, but antique-inspired, feeling of farmhouse vibes. After that, I knew I wanted to include some simple floral line drawings, so I did an aster, peony, dandelion and artichoke. There’s just something so sweet and fresh about those pieces! I finished everything up with a couple of silhouette designs – mainly an outline of the United States, as well as a horse/weathervane piece.

Whether you are looking to add a bit of country style to a gallery wall or yearn for some wall art that just feels plain ole’ comfortable, I think this collection will hit the nail on the head. Modern Farmhouse is really about living snugly in your own home – something that this art totally encompasses. Enjoy!


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