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New Collection: Seaside Cottage Chic Artwork for Your Beach House

Art in Progress Decorating

In early March I started feeling like I absolutely NEEDED to do some kind of coastal cottage inspired collection with pretty mints and beiges. I kept seeing inspiration everywhere and just knew that I had to translate that into my own designs ASAP. So I got to work on a whole bunch of designs that are both airy and bold in their beachy statement.

Much of my work is hand painted, scanned in at high-resolution and digitized via Photoshop and Illustrator to create the finished product that you see. But, lately, I’ve been doing a lot of work on my iPad Pro in the absolutely amazing ProCreate app. It’s seriously one of my favorite things ever invented. I love doing line and charcoal drawings, which are often a little more difficult to digitize due to the detail. This is where Procreate really shines, as I’m able to draw on a transparent background. Seriously, it’s magic.

In comes this seaside cottage collection. Many of the icons featured – including the mussel shells and coral pieces – were initially drawn in ProCreate. I handmade a bunch of light watercolor washes to use throughout the collection. The finished product is exactly how I had pictured it in my head – something that you’d see on a pillow in a quaint beach house in Rhode Island or adorning walls of a coastal condo in Florida.

I hope that you are able to decorate your beach themed gallery wall with these pretty, pretty prints. Enjoy!

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