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State Maps Are Back with New Designs!

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I started a collection of state and territorial maps in October after designing a map of the U.S. Virgin Islands that’s purpose was to benefit the Hurricane Irma relief effort. Thankfully, that design is still selling strong and all of the profits are still being donated to My Brother’s Workshop.

The original collection only started out with a few states, like California, Florida, Maryland and New York, but over the last several months I’ve been working hard to continually add more and more states. So far, I am up to about 25 designs with more coming out each and every month!

This past month, I was able to finish up six new maps including Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Massachusetts and Nevada. Other new states include Colorado, Ohio and Texas, which were all added in May.

My goal by the end of the year is to have all 50 states available for purchase! After that, I am hoping to move onto Canadian provinces and perhaps other countries. If you have a state, province or country map you’d like added to my current to-do list feel free to shoot me an email at Would love to see what you want!

Check out the full collection here.

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